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Punch Portland


punch specializes in charming boutique ambiance by juxtaposing modern and vintage sensibilities in flowers, design, and decor. our small studio based services are personal and wholly invested in the vision of our clients. we take great joy in connecting with each couple and creating something gorgeous.

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jessica hill photography

Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

We see so many amazing weddings on SMP it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. So each Friday we like to take a little trip down memory lane. And today, we're also going to share a couple of our favorite images from the LBB Blog. We tried to narrow it down to just one, but they were both so beautiful and unique in their own way, we just had to bring them both back for our pre-weekend pick me up. So enjoy these amazing moments once more and we'll be right back here tomorrow morning with a...


Garden Vineyards Wedding from Bridal Bliss + Deyla Huss Photography

What is it about sunflowers that make the whole room get a little brighter, a little warmer, and a little happier? We're not completely sure what it is, but whatever it is, we are sold. Adding sunflowers to this sunny Portland affair, planned by Bridal Bliss, was hands down the best choice the couple and Punch Portland could have made. It created an air of relaxed elegance that...


Portland Wedding Inspiration from Jessica Hill Photography

Anyone fancy an afternoon tea? We have some brilliant Portland wedding inspiration to share, and it's making this little blogger really crave some Earl Grey. The sweet shoot, seen through the lens of Jessica Hill Photography, is so perfectly posh with it's green and yellow decor. It's filled to the brim with fantastic wedding inspiration for every bride - from the adorable fashion to the great color palette to the afternoon tea...


Portland Wedding by Sara Gray Photography

Yellow just might be the poster child for bright, happy, shininess so incorporating it into a day that is one of the happiest ever is a complete no brainer. Sara Gray Photography snapped all the lovely images from this Portland Wedding and the yellow is bursting from every nook and cranny, crafted into every fun detail and...